At Maxgaming, we strive to partner with you and help your business reach its full potential. We are a technology company that focuses on the gaming industry. With a passion for innovation our goal is to keep your gaming operations functioning at its optimum.

As a provider of essential services we can support, service and help translate your machine and customer data into business intelligence. We aim to help you elevate your customer engagement and machine performance.

What you might not know about us.

  • Maxgaming monitors more gaming machines than anyone else globally.
  • We operate 3 different monitoring systems and 4 different protocols.
  • We operate in 4 jurisdictions, including betting shops in the UK under our Talarius brand.
  • We monitor 4,027 venues in Australia containing 134,322 gaming machines in total.
  • Our operations run 24hrs X 365 days a year with at least 99% system up-time.

We also manage Jackpots in different states and in NSW we have been granted permission to offer Jackpots over $250,000.

Maxgaming is part of the Tatts Group which also includes Bytecraft a technology maintenance and service provider, plus Talarius a UK based betting shop operator. You can be assured that we have a very long history of delivering complex wide-area technologies both securely and with minimal down time.

Maxgaming is connecting your future,

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